The Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR) was created in 1973 to protect a very precious and quickly disappearing resource in British Columbia – farmland.   Although the amount of land being lost to non-farm uses has declined drastically since the introduction of the ALR, the small amount of land in British Columbia (approximately 5%) suitable for farming , remains under constant risk of being excluded from the ALR and lost forever for agricultural uses.

Climate change and the current drought in California demonstrate the need for the preservation of farmland.   We must remember that we need to preserve this land not just for five years or even fifty, but for five hundred years.  This is a long-term commitment and investment for future generations.  Not just in British Columbia, but throughout Canada and around the world as farmland is disappearing world-wide at an alarming rate.


Stop the Swap - Family Day Rally

Stop the Swap – Family Day Rally

Over 300 people attended the Stop the Swap – Family Day rally in Memorial Park, Summerland to show their support for the Agricultural Land Reserve.

My March 3, 2014 Public Hearing submission to Summerland Council opposing the removal of 87 ha of flat, farmland from the Agricultural Land Reserve.  Here is my April 22, 2014 submission.

Click here for photos of the Cooke Ave area  Summerland Council wants excluded.

Click here for photos of the Blair Street area Summerland Council wants excluded.

Click here for more about proposed changes to the Agricultural Land Reserve and the proposed Summerland ALR exclusion


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